Ka$h Nexu$This is the website for the band Ka$h Nexu$

Our music reflects our desire to fight for the truth. We write about Anti-war, Refugee crisis and social issues, with a penchant for hard rocking folk, blues and alternate tunes that pertain to the plight of exploited people everywhere.

We strive to write truly meaningful and heartfelt songs about the human condition. When we play live gigs our music is enthusiastically received by all age groups. We are getting thousands of hits from far flung corners of the globe because our messages resonate wherever you are.

Humanity’s needs are simple – a unified and harmonious planet.

Four guys from Melbourne Australia – Steve Pollock on vocals, Mick Seymour on lead guitar & vocals, Ross Crawford on guitar, bass & vocals and Greg Martin on percussion, guitar & vocals.

Ka$h Nexu$ are middle aged men…. on a musical mission !